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Dear children!

Gita is an important scripture of Hindus.  In this book, Shri Krishna ji preached to Arjuna at the time when he, under the influence of attachment, had turned his back from the war and sat down.
It was the first day of the war.  When Shri Krishna ji reached the field of Kurukshetra while driving Arjuna’s chariot, Arjuna said – ‘Keshav!  Take my chariot between the two armies.  So that I can see the warriors on both sides at once.’
Then Shri Krishna ji took Arjuna’s chariot and made it stand between the two armies.  When Arjuna saw the warriors on both sides, he was astonished.  He saw that only his relatives were visible on both sides.  Then he thought that both the slayer and the slayer are the same and if they die fighting among themselves, then I will feel the sin of it.  That’s why he threw the weapons from the war and told Shri Krishna ji that – ‘Keshav!  I will not fight.’
In this way, the instruction given by Shri Krishna ji to prepare Arjun, who had fled the war again for war, became a book named ‘Gita’.
Gita has great importance in our life.  There are many such turns in our life when we start thinking of running away from the battlefield of life due to some attachment or due to some other reasons.  At that time the preaching of Gita also gives us this message that do not run away from war, do not turn away from circumstances, do not throw weapons in the face of circumstances, but face them bravely.  Keep moving forward on the path of life while following your religion.
In his short address, Shri Krishna ji, by telling things of very deep knowledge, prepared Arjuna again for the war.  Explained to him that do not run, because escapism is not the religion of Kshatriyas.  The biggest religion of a Kshatriya is to face the situation bravely.  Running away doesn’t solve problems, but makes them even more complicated.  Many times, by throwing our weapons in this way, the enemy becomes even more attacker on us.  Due to which we are not able to escape from destruction, but come even closer to destruction.
Krishna ji told Arjuna that if you die while fighting then you will get heaven and if you are victorious in the war then you will get a chance to rule the whole earth.
Shri Krishna ji prepared Arjuna for the fact that if weapons were thrown in front of people like Duryodhana of demonic nature in the world, then he would make the life of the people of gentle nature unbearable, so it would be beneficial to put an end to people like him.  Is.
Duryodhana was to be directly benefited by Arjuna’s throwing weapons, so Shri Krishna ji explained to him that it is necessary to destroy the people of demonic nature.  Arjun!  If I myself have to take birth again and again for this work, I would like to take it.  I do not want that I should get salvation and the people of the world should remain in jail.  I would consider it appropriate to kill those people from whom good people feel pain, so that people of gentle nature do not suffer in any way.  I want that the decent people of the world can live their life in a comfortable way.
Shri Krishna ji said to Arjuna that ‘Arjun!  You should also make the same effort so that the decent people of the world can live a comfortable life.  Don’t harass or harass the bloodthirsty people in any way.  If you will fight understanding this religion of yours, then this war of yours will be called war of religion.  Because by doing this you will not be doing anything for yourself, but you will be working for the people of the world.’
Working for the people of the world by doing nothing for oneself and not creating any kind of ego in it is the act of Nishkaam.  In very simple words but with deep knowledge, Shri Krishna ji explained it to Arjuna on the battlefield.  Told him that whatever you are doing, do it for the sake of God, by the order of God, considering it as an act done by God.  Don’t create in him the feeling that I am doing it.  If you create a sense of ego in it, then your good deeds will also become inauspicious.  Devote your deeds to God and take a pledge to live for the good of good people.
Krishna ji told Arjuna that while living in the world, we should take a resolution to continue doing good deeds. Life becomes good by taking resolutions of good deeds.  We have come in the world to spread good and not to spread evil.  He said that Arjuna, whatever you do, dedicate it to God.  With this you will experience the bliss of free life and you will also feel very light.  Because those who go on working by being devoted to God, they become free from the feeling of ego.  Then God fulfills all their wishes.  Understand that God understands each of his good thoughts and good thoughts and starts working to pave the way for him.  In fact, such a life is a direct reflection of the grace of the Lord.
Shri Krishna ji told Arjuna that it is in your right to act.  You have no right over the fruit.  Because it is in the hands of God to give the fruit of any action. Therefore you should concentrate only on your work, leaving behind the attachment to the fruit of the action.  If you do the work by making it pure, that is, if you put your mind in good deeds, then God will definitely help you.  Which will also give you good results.  Those who work on the fruits of karma as their right, they never get happiness in life.
Being the authority of God over the fruit of action, the person who assumes his right over the fruit is ignorant.  Because the work which is not under his jurisdiction, he does foolishness to consider it as his right.  Whatever God has to do, only God can do it.  He said that Arjun, you are not ignorant or foolish.  Therefore, leaving your attachment on the fruits of karma, follow your family tradition of working for the welfare of the people.  It is the duty of the king to do good to his subjects.  Which the people of your family have been doing till now.  At this time it is good for your subjects that all the demonic people who have been born on earth should end.  If people like Duryodhana are standing in front of you in the form of demons, then put an end to them.  So that people will praise you.  This is your religion.  At this time, thinking of recognizing your religion and working according to it, otherwise people of the time to come in history will call you a coward.
Whatever the situation in front of us as a challenge, let us work to deal with it.  If there is a situation in front of us to pass the exam and pass with good marks, then we should accept it as a challenge.  Don’t turn your back on him.  Do your work diligently.  Do it keeping God in mind.  Whatever you are doing, dedicate it to God.  If we will do this then definitely we will get good marks in the examination.
This is also the message of Gita for us that we should not be disappointed, sad, disappointed in any situation.  Remove frustration, despair and sadness from life.  Dedicated to living life with enthusiasm, zeal and gaiety, consider God standing with you in every situation.  Keep feeling that God is always with us and watching our every action.
By adopting such a feeling, we become worshipers of the all-pervasive form of God, we feel that God is watching our every move.  When God sees us every moment, sees our every action then we will try to avoid bad deeds.  When you avoid bad deeds, you will get the inspiration to do good things in life from within.  Due to which happiness and peace will be with us permanently in life.
Let us see ourselves as an Arjuna.  The one who is standing in the battle field and with whom Krishna ji is standing.  Who is explaining to him that Arjun!  Do not be upset .  Don’t be disappointed  Don’t be discouraged  Make a struggle  Stand up  Take up arms and kill all the enemies standing in front of you.  be victorious in the war.  achieve your goal.  It means that we should not panic or run away from any kind of obstacle or exam that comes in our student life but face it with full bravery.
Our Vedic religion connects us with our God.  Connects with its Vedas and with those religious scriptures which teach us to be good human beings.  Our religion is a medium to connect us human to human.  Vedic Sanatan Dharma teaches to live in union with every living being.  Therefore human beings have no right to take anyone’s life.  This is the reason why the Gita and Vedic scriptures teach us to live in harmony with all beings.
The Vedic religion of India talks of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.  It has been told and explained to take life to the heights by adopting these four for a good human being.  By following this path, one attains inner peace.  He stays away from any kind of discord in the world and treats everyone as his brothers and sisters.  Equating everyone and believing like yourself is the equanimity of the Gita.  According to which the Gita teaches everyone to be equal in every situation, by not teaching the things of jealousy and hatred.
The teaching of the Gita is to be equal in every kind of situation, happiness-sad, success-failure, loss-benefit.  Treat yourself equally.  Do not groan in sorrow and do not applaud in happiness – this is the short gist of the Gita.  The person who follows these two things remains happy in life.  Just as the sun is red when it rises and it is red when it sets, in the same way a person should remain the same whether there is happiness or sorrow.  Due to this, where our mental health remains good, the body also feels healthy.  We are also successful in dealing with the people of the world easily.  As a result, the environment of the society also remains good.  Because no one in it even uses foul language with anyone.  Therefore Gita is also a very useful book for the social behavior of the world.
Our sages have given yoga a very important place in the life of human.  Yoga leads to the vision of the all-pervading Supreme Father.  Souls meet with the Supreme Soul, that is why it is called Yoga.  Sage Patanjali has prescribed for us the Ashtanga Yogas namely Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dhyana, Dharana and Samadhi.  By adopting which we attain salvation.  Our coming into the world is not to get engrossed in the natural beauty here, but to get out of it and attain salvation.  For which we have been told the straight path of Ashtanga Yoga.  If we become practitioners of walking on this path, then life becomes very pure.  Clearness of mind helps us to meet God.  The result of which is that we get the power and ability to do the ocean of the ocean.
Lord Shri Krishna has described many personalities in the Gita.  In simple words, the word Vibhuti can be called a special or unique power of God.  When God appears to us in the form of rivers, in the form of mountains, in the form of a sacred Peepal tree, in the form of a plant called Tulsi, it is as if it is His singular powers.  He has assets.  Seeing these, the omnipresent and benevolent form of Lord Shiva can be imagined that when these things made by him can do so much favor, then how big a beneficiary will he himself be?
Thus we should associate with our holy book Gita.  Which teaches us to be pure in life, to be pure and to be pure.  Its study creates an atmosphere of enthusiasm, zeal and gaiety in our life.  We learn to work by being loyal to our Vedic culture.  We come to know that to destroy the demonic forces of the world, we Aryans, the people of Vedic religion of India, have come in the world.  God has given the earth to the Aryans and in order to make the whole world Arya i.e. superior i.e. good, we have specially sent the people of Vedic religion to the world.  For which we should work.  We also get the education of working with all Vasudha as our family from the Gita and our Vedas.
Children, in the end I would like to tell you that to honor our ancestors, we should not abandon the traditions given by them.  Follow your pure Vedic traditions.  In life, study those good scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads etc. which teach us to be good.  Keep on chanting Om to your Lord and His personal name.  Our spiritual progress is achieved by chanting the name of Lord Om.  Join the Yagya etc.  The Gita has also taught us to perform sattvik deeds like yajna.  When we join the Yagya Havan, the atmosphere of the house is very good.  Which helps in making our culture even better.
Respect your parents, guru etc.  The spirit of Yagya is to walk together with the people of the world.  Respect elders.  Give love to the little ones.  By this, the family, social and global environment improves and becomes better.
I hope you have read my words carefully.  I also believe that you will connect with all your holy scriptures including Gita and try to apply their teachings in your life.  With best wishes for your future-


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