Government should stop glorifying British planted Gandhi——Shyam Sundar Poddar

——————————————— Government is glorifying Gandhi by printing his photo on currency notes. Giving holiday on his birthday. Taking all the foreign head of states while visiting India at Raj Ghat. Gandhi was a British planted man to lead our freedom struggle. He had not only worked for the British interest throughout his control of Congress Machinery in his hand. He is solely responsible for killing of 20 lakh people during partition of India. He is the Father of partition of India. Gandhi was living in South Africa. He had not participated in freedom struggle of India till 1915. All of a sudden in 1915 he landed in India from South Africa and started leading freedom movement of India. He was brought by the Britishers and patronised by them. Indian National Congress was founded by British to help the British Government. Later on Bal Krishna Gokhale become the leader of one section of Congress which was known as Naram Dal. Difference between Naram Dal Section and Garam Dal section was wide. Naram Dal section was working to keep Britishers in India saying we will prosper keeping British Rule in India. This group was led by Gokhale. Garam Dal section was working for the ouster of British Rule from India, saying Freedom is our Birth right. We will achieve the same by any means. This group was led by Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Gokhale could not found his successor in rank and file of Congress. He had chosen Gandhi of South Africa to be his successor. But Gandhi had told Gokhale despite of my long struggle in South Africa I am not successful in forcing the Government to accept any of his demand. You had Good relation with British Government. Here in South Africa also British are ruling the country. You can do some thing so that my some demands are accepted by South African Government,than only I can come toIndia. Gokhale had went to London and met Secretary of State for India and confirmed Gandhi that Secretary of State for India supported the proposed visit. “…. Gandhi was ‘simply overjoyed ‘Gokhale would speak to South Africa’s ministers on behalf of the Indian Government and indirectly on behalf of Empire,it would not be easy for the ministers to reject the pleas. And through Gokhale Indian community could raise points not yet brought to the fore such as three pound tax.”(From the Book:Mohandas, written by Raj Mohan Gandhi. Page 168). After successful meeting with South African Premier Botha.”Gokhale said to Gandhi:’you must return India in one year. Everything had been settled The black act will be repealed. The racial bar will removed from immigration law. Three pound tax will be abolished. “(From the Book: Mohandas, written by Rajmohan Gandhi, page-169)””Two days after his talk with the ministers,the governor-general,Herbert John Gladstone,informed the colonial office in London that ‘as regards the theee pound tax, the PM told me that he thought it would be possible to meet Mr.Gokhale’s views,though there might be strong opposition in Natal”(From the Book:Mohandas. Written by Rajmohan Gandhi. Page 169-170). Before his arrival in India Gandhi went to London and on his arrival in India Gandhi met Governor of Maharastra and Vice-Roy of India. Now onward British Government was helping Gandhi to become national Hero by accepting his demand in Champran, nominating Gandhi in powerful war council replacing long time established Indian leader Tilak. Making free Mohammed Ali. Shaukat Ali on the request of Gandhi. In his long control of Congress machinery Congress had done three movements. First in 1921. Gandhi had got support of all the Congressman that I will bring Swaraj in one year. Looking after his success story of South Africa Congressman belives in his capacity. But actually he had diluted freedom movement by launching Khilafat movement which had no relation with India it is a matter of Turkey. Nationwide anger of the people after Jallianwala bagh atrocities could have been converted into storm. But that anger was diluted. Than for long time Congress forget to do do any thing for freedom. Congressman’s energy was converted in non freedom issues like Spinning. After the bringing of Swaraj issue in Kolkatta session of 1928 by Subhash Chandra Bose Gandhi had realised the mood of the Congressman than himself propose in Lahore session of Congress Purna Swaraj resolution. But he had diluted this Purna Swaraj resolution by launching Salt satyagrah and helping the British Government.
Rank and file of Congress workers were frustrated with the leadership of Gandhi which was doing nothing for getting Swaraj. Elected Subhash Chandra Bose as new leader by electing him Congress Presidential election with thumping 205 more votes out of 3000 votes. But Gandhi through his political game ignoring constitutional rights of elected Congress President and not allowed him to form his working Commitee and forced him to resign from the Presidentship of the Congress. Later on expelled him from the Congress so that danger to his leadership of Congress will be finished .
Gandhi had launched “Quit India but keep your Army here”Movement. If British will keep their Army here than why they will Quit India. From this a question arises than what was the purpose of Gandhi to launch this movement. Gandhi knows majority of Congressman was supporter of Subhash Chandra Bose that’s why he was elected as Congress Predident. Subhash Bose had successfully escaped from India and it is sure one day he will reach India with his forces. Most of the Congressman will come on the streets to help him. By doing this movement most of freedom fighters were send to jail it is true. It was to deprive Subhash Chandra Bose from their support this Quit India but keep your army here movement was launched by Gandhi.
Gandhi had promised to the Voters in 1945 Central Assembly Election Vote for the Congress we will never allow partition of the country as desired by Muslim League. It will happen on my dead body. Peoples had voted for Congress and brought them in Power. But Gandhi had betrayed the people and accepted the partition of country as demanded by Muslim League. Partition of the Vountry is the major contribution of Gandhi. Where as in the past dynamic Leadership of Tilak had forced the Britishers to withdraw the division of Bengal by launching strong anti British movement. When Gandhi had accepted the partision demand of Jinnah he must have established a mechanism of exchange of population as demanded by Jinnah with the warning if this will not be done we will do it by the process of mass killing of Hindus as we had done in Nowakhali. Because very purpose of creation of Pakistan will be defeated if. Hindus will live there. But Gandhi had not accepted this demand of Jinnah knowing fully well what will be the fait of Hindus in Jinnah’s Pakistan. Gandhi was thinking about his vote bank. If these people will come to India whom I had betrayed after accepting partition of the Country will ever vote for me they should die. Government should stop Glorifying Gandhi and bring in lime light those freedom fighters who had suffered for the cause of freedom of our motherland and ultimately force the British Power to leave India despite of their Gandhian strategy.

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