Can we win Independence without Savarkar—- Shyam Sundar Poddar.

——————————————Indian freedom struggle was fought on two thought of School of Politics. One was Tilak thought of Politics which says freedom is our birthright. We will achieve it by any means. Another Gandhian thought of Politics. Which says we will achieve freedom through non-violence method. If it took thousand years to achieve the same no difficulty. Gandhian non- Violence movement finished with partition of the Country,killing of more than 2 million people and 20 million people became refugee. Gandhian got power by not throwing Britishers from India they got power due to getting majority in 1945 Central Legislative Assembly election. Which Congress fought on the plank that We will never accept the partition of the Country and Muslim League fought on the plank of We want Muslim Homeland by partition of the Country. Those who failed to keep country united but got the power attack Deciple of Tilak.Savarkar despite of long 27 years of Sufferings at Andma Jail or house confinement with the Condition you can not do political activities. When he was released after 27 years and become free to do political activities. He had joined Hindu Mahasabha. In the Second World War British Indian Government was in need of increasing their armed forces from 2 lakh to 10 lakh. British Indian Government had asked Hindu Mahasabha, President Savarkar to help them in recruitment of Indian youth in Armed Forces. Savarkar had agreed in this matter and organised camps after camp throughout India under the banner of Hindu Mahasabha. Before Starting of Militarization of Hindus programme presence of Hindu youth in British Indian Military was only 32 percent and Muslims were 66 percent. But due to Militarizatin of Hindu Programme presence of Hindu yourh become 66 percent. In reply to question raised by Hindu Youth that if we join British Indian Army We will help Britishers.Savarkar says first you take the training of modern arms than we will decide in which direction baynot of the gun will be. Only due to this theory of Savarkar We got Independence and Indian National Army got soldiers and ultimate 18 th February 1946 revolt of Indian Navy forced the Britishers to grant Independence to India.Because British Government had realised Indian Army is no more loyal to them through which they control India. Gandhi had lost long time Control over the Congress Party due to victory of Subhash Chandra Bose in Congress Presidential election by 205 votes. But Gandhi had played his political game in such away which compel Subhash Chandra Bose to resign from the Presidentship of Congress and Gandhi had regained control of Congress Machinery. Later on Subhash Chandra Bose was expelled from the Congress by Gandhi. This incident became the game changer of Indian Independence struggle. Subhash Chandra Bose went to meet Veer Savarkar in Bombay. During Subhash Chandra Bose discussion Subhash Babu came to realise the aim of Savarkar in Militarization of Hindu programme and on the advise of Veer Savarkar he agreed to lead the freedom struggle from outside India and escaped from India reached Japan and met revolutionary Rash Bihari Bose and taken the command of Indian National Army from Rash Bihari Bose. Savarkar’s Militarization policy become Successful : Indian National Army was formed with 5000 prisioners of War Indian soldiers capture by the Japan handed over to Rash Bihari Bose. But it’s strength increased from 5000 to 50000 in one strock and proved Savarkar’s thought on Militarization was hundred percent correct when 45000 British Indian Army soldiers left British Side and joined Indian National Army. I am quoting from tha book written by Japanese Author Mr. J. G. Ohasawa”The two great Indians in Japan””….Japanese attack on Singapore begun…The resistance of British Indian Forces was strong. The imperial guards(The Japanese) H.Q.had to encounter many difficulties. The Chief of the Indian National Army (I.N.A.) proceeeded a’one to the front line and talked to the Indian officers & soldiers in the British Army not to be false to their love of India and Independence of India in Strong -stirring words. Miracle accomplished Indian Forces was stopped Savarkar’s Militarization policy in World War II began to shape.
The Speech was finished,waves of Cheers rose from the Indian soldiers who jumped into the Indian National Army (I.N.A.)(Even)The Japanese Imperial Guards were entirely stupified! Fall of Singapore. Surrendered British Soldiers numbered 45000 and Indian too I.N.A. absorbed these Indians (soldiers &officers)- developed into formidable force of 50000. Amongst the Indian Newly Surrendered (I.N.A.) there were 30 officers including Lt.Col.Gill. Rash Bihari became Supreme Commandant”(page 47-48).On this achiement of Indian National Army, Subhash Chandra Bose announced on Azad Hind Radio on 25th June 1944,”When due to Misguided political whims & lack of vision almost all leaders of Congress party have been decrying all the soldiers of Indian Army as mercenaries, it is heartening to know that Veer Savarkar is fearlessly exhorting the youths of India to enlist in the Armed Forces. These enlisted youths themselves provide us with trained men & soldiers for our Indian National Army. When Indian Navy revolted on 18th February 1946. In their support Indian Airforce went into strike. Before it reached to Indian Army on 23rd February 1946,British Viceroy had declared We will grant Independence to India. Savarkar’s saying at his Mulitarization programme proved correct. Indian soldiers baynot was aimed at the Chest of Britishers. British Prime Minister while granting Independence to India said in British Parliament,” Britain is transferring power due to the fact that (1)The Indian Mercenary army is no longer loyal to Britain and(2) Britain. Cannot afford to have a large British Army to hold down India. “

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