Why I left Congress after serving Congress for long 43 years — Er. shyam Sundar

— Er. shyam Sundar Poddar, National General Secretary. Alhil Bharat Hindu Mahasabha.

———————————————I had started my political Ijourney from 1970 joining Chhatra Parishad students’ wing of West Bengal Congress. I had joined Jadavpur University in 1969 for doing Electrical Engineering Course. At that time entire Bengal was burning due to Newly emerged Naxalite movement. In West Bengal presidency College and Jadavpur university was burning due to Naxalite movement. On the wall of our Mechanical Engineering Building a very
very big wall writing was painted with Mao-ze-Dong Photographwritten in Bengali Chinern Chairman AmadernChairman.Sattarer dashak anadern dashak. (PSCC students wing of Naxalites)our campus was too much violent. Naxalites group had forced us to boycott the examination. Than our Vice- Chancellor Dr. Gopal Chandra Sen was murdered by Naxalites. I am a son of a Freedom fighter my father was close associate of Subhash chandra Bose who was supreme commander of Subhash Brigade of India and was also one of the founders of All India Forward Block. These two incident of Naxalites of boycott of Examination and murder of our vice chancellor has put in my mind I must fight against naxalites. And searched the office of Chhatra Parishad. It was near my house in Mahajati Sadan There Priya Da and Subrato Da were sitting on their Chair in front of Their table. When Priya Da came to know I am coming from Jadavpur University he had stand up from Chair telling me I was searching a boy who will do Chattra Parishad for last six years but could not found a single one now Jadavpur University had come to us we will win Jadavpur and Hug me Subrato Da was also sitting on the next table to him and Subrato Da had also hug me. I had asked Priya Da please tell me what I will do. Priya da had instructed Arup Nag Arup ‘Tumi Shyam ke poster likhate shekhawo.’ When Bangladesh war was running Chhatra Parishad had organised Blood donation camp. Doctors had refused to take my blood because of my lower age. I had complain to Subrato Da Kumud Da both had taken me to doctor and tell him take Shyam’s blood and I was successful in donating blood for the jawans of our army