Time to wait and watch

महत्वपूर्ण लेख

Finally,team anna decided to form a political party.after acting as the pressure group for more than a year,team anna decided to join politics after acknowledging the public opinion.
The declaration came after ending their fast at Jantar Mantar,though this decision bring good news for more than half a nation,but at the same time,there are some people who don’t seems to be blissful with this decision.They want them to act as a pressure group and not to participate in elections directly.
With this proclamation we can see that various parties are getting restless,The real question that arises here is that whether this decision is going to affect the majority of congress vote bank or will it bring the BJP to the minority or this course of action will be a flop show?Though Team Anna has already announced that many leaders from various parties have decided to join them, which will surely going to lessen the vote bank of various parties.
With congress, having balanced share of vote among all section of society,While BJP only enjoy the upper caste and hindu votes.which will going to be a costly buisness for BJP.so the question is should BJP ,as a party,rethink its political strategy to win the 2014 election or should support the Team Anna for good cause.But,mostly people assume the BJP as the communial party, which will definitely going to abate the BJP’s vote bank and may reduce its chance to win the upcoming election.Now BJP is left with no option but to watch their wait and act as cogitative party.
Till now it seems like anti-congress movement which has deep dented the image of dented corrupt congress party with more than lacs of crores of corruption in congress rule,now the common man feels choked by this government,with no signs of improvement and behaving admantly to the people demands.This behaviour of congress will surely let them to lose their share of votes but question of day is ,will team anna be able to win the election and would come up as the worthy substitute to BJP and congress?Can they bear the political pressure and their newly elected political imcapabale Netas would do justice to their posts?Or again we are going to see the rise of political party with no purpose.will congress and BJP thwart their way?But one thing is sure that in the days to come,we can see public and political demarcation.But as a citizen of this country we can only hope for the amenity of people.

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